7 Track Demo Cassette

1. Intro (Crossing the Hudson)

2. New Jersey

3. Fucked-up Place

4. See You Fall

5. As Good as it Gets

6. Timesquare (peepshow)

7. Outro

Released 1998 on Vegas Recordings. Now deleted


"Track 3 on this tape is entitled "Fucked-up place" and is hence quite a succinct appraisal of the whole tape. This kicks off with ethereal noise, feedback, looped samples and weirdness then launches into an instrumental Hardcore stomper before settling into a groove akin to GIRLS AGAINST BOYS gone heavy and nasty. Sleazy Hardcore is built from solid heavy guitar riffs, fx'ed guitar befuckery and vocals that sound as though they've been fed through a phaser fx. Interspersed throughout all this are bleak samples and more looped noise. Yet it all sounds sleazy (not sexy-sleazy but nasty sleazy) and ominous. Dark stuff, brooding stuff, good DIY stuff".  FRACTURE ZINE